Ready to ship

Ready to ship

Small Eyeholes
We offer the smallest, seamless, and most comfortable eye holes possible !

Bubble Free
All of our masks are made from vacuum degassed, bubble free silicone

Mesh Reinforced
We use mesh to reinforce stress areas, this provides a very high tear resistance.

Mouth Movement
Every mask has excellent and realistic mouth movement not possible with latex masks.

Chest Coverage
The chest area on our masks extend very low for the absolute best coverage and realism.

Out of stock
The playgirl

The man

569,00 $

The man silicone mask ready to ship ships in one to two weeks depending on weekly shipment date. 

Available options

569,00 $

The mobster
The nightmare

Out of stock
The uncle

Realflesh Masks are high quality silicone masks and custom made to order
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