About us

Realflesh Masks was founded by Ian Marier, a self taught fx artist / mask fanatic. He started out making foam latex prosthetics 25 years ago in his father's garage which slowly turned into a passion for mask making. Realflesh Masks started as a one man show as he took on and worked out every steps of the mask making production until the company grew into what it is today.

From sculpting, molding, painting, customer service and shipping, Realfflesh Masks now works with some of the very best sculptors and skilled technicians in the industry to bring you the highest quality silicone masks possible as Ian continues to strive for the best by constantly innovating and perfecting our craft.

With more mask designs always on the workbench, Realflesh Mask's line will blow you away with it’s quality and craftmanship.


Sculpting Team:C.J Goldman, Caroline Aquin, Bruno Gatien

Lead Shop Technician: Ian marier

Shop Technnicians: Anne -Marie, Mark Unterberger

Administration & Production Management:Ian Marier

Founder / Owner / Painter: Ian Marier




Realflesh Masks are high quality silicone masks and custom made to order
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